Sunday, March 28, 2010


Holy smokes! I am a terrible blogger. It has been awhile since I have updated. Its not that we haven't been doing anything, but I guess I was lacking the motivation to update. For my like 2 readers. But anyway. . .

The first few pictures are from a hike we did in February on one of the Mount Si Reserve Trails. Mount Si can be a pretty popular hike for those in the Seattle area so we were happy to take the road less traveled on the reserve trail. The views were still spectacular.

Scout had a good time, as usual.

At the end of February and beginning of March, we had the chance to do a couple of hikes with our friends Matt and Lauren. The weather was super cooperative and it was nice to get out to some local spots. We went to Paradise Valley Conservation Area and then tooled around several trails in the Coal Creek Park.

Lauren and me.

Justin and Matt
The Fam!

Our next activity was the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. We try to do something special like that for our birthdays, so I chose the PD Zoo for mine this year. It was a little chilly, but lots of sunshine. Justin is the official photographer of the family and I think he did a nice job, especially some of his tiger and polar bear shots. Below are a few highlights. This first photo is a walrus swimming upside down towards us.
Otters are one of my favorite animals. They are pretty cute and fun to watch.

Here's a polar bear shaking off water during his swim.

Nice close up of the tiger.

Posing in a shark's mouth.
I am currently on vacation and Justin and I decided to do a few things around Seattle and the Pacific NW that we hadn't done together before. April has been pretty rainy and windy so far, but we got a break in the weather on Wednesday to head over to Alki Beach. Little did we know NO DOGS allowed on the beach, even on leash, but we still enjoyed a nice walk and great views of the city skyline, shipping containers, and ferries in the Puget Sound, looking from a SW view.
Urban dog
Does anyone know what the spraying water in this photo is? I have seen it several times before and still don't know what they are doing. The Space Needle has a unique ability to look really tall from certain perspectives. It really sticks out in this photo.

If there had been a few less clouds, you would be able to see the Cascade Mountains a little better is this picture, great blue sky though.

Hope that catches you up on the Odoms' latest Odysseys (not really sure how to make that word plural :) We want to wish each of you a Happy Easter. We are so not worthy of the life He's given us, but are saved by His death and resurrection. What a glorious gift!