Monday, July 20, 2009

Twin Falls

We have been pretty busy this summer and haven't had a ton of opportunities to get out and enjoy the beautiful Pacific NW. We came across a close and pretty easy trail just past North Bend. With dog in tow, we headed out for a nice afternoon hike. Round trip was about 3-4 miles and 500 feet elevation gain. I think the advertised ease of the trail draws the crowds because there were a ton of people. We were able to find parking, but had a hard time finding some space along the river for the dog, and us, to enjoy the deep pools. Once we found a spot, Scout had a blast. He is such a funny dog. He loves to swim and chase tennis balls. After a good cool down swim, we headed up the rest of the trail to enjoy the falls. Here are some pictures.

Senior Service

Justin and I have been leading a group from church in a local community service project for the last several weeks. Each Saturday morning we head over to a nearby nursing home to volunteer. We spend about 2 hours each week doing a variety of activities. Anything from walking them around, pushing wheelchairs, reading, visiting, playing games, doing puzzles and the ever so popular Bingo. I didn't grow up near any of my grandparents so was never able to spend much time with any of them. This volunteering opportunity has given me a chance to spend some time with our community's elders; hearing their stories, their life experiences, and just giving them some time. Too often our society overlooks this demographic which is really unfortunate. Many of these elderly people have a lot to offer and are so thankful when you give them just a little of your time. If you haven't visited your local nursing home, might I encourage you to do so. I think we each have a lot to offer this population, but will likely be surprised as to what they have to offer you.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Born on the 4th of July

Happy Birthday Scout!! Scout celebrated his 2nd birthday on Saturday and what a good day he had. We went on an afternoon hike that ended at the lake for a nice swim. He loves to be outside. Sniffing, exploring, swimming, running, fetching, and meeting other dogs. In the evening Scout had a play date with our neighbor's dog Lacy. They had a great time and really played well together. And to top it all off, Scout got the biggest rawhide bone he's ever had. He was pretty excited. Happy Birthday Puppers!

Here he is the first day we had him. What a little man he was. And how big he has gotten.

Scout swimming around. . .

Scout and Lacy playing some tug and having fun!

And his birthday bone!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Dinner Cruise

After not using an Entertainment Book to its max benefit in 2008, Justin and I made a decision to try some new things and get some culture using the 2009 book. Earlier in the year we sat down, tore out all the things we'd consider doing, and got to planning. We went to a few symphonies, a few museums, and scheduled a few Argosy cruises. Our dinner cruise was finally upon us. We headed into Seattle on a beautiful Saturday evening and really enjoyed our "3 hour tour." The food was ok, the live entertainment was entertaining (pretty swanky band), but the views were amazing. We got some good pictures and just had a generally good time on our date. Here are some photo highlights. As a side note, I would recommend this type of activity for any out of towners. A fun activity and beautiful Seattle scenery.

Here is our tasty three-tiered appetizer.

Sunset on Elliot Bay