Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday I had the chance to go to my first polo match. Tinicum Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania hosts polo matches every Saturday from May to October. My friend Becca and I loaded up the dogs and headed out for a nice drive and Saturday afternoon. The Polo club has several themed activities throughout the season, such as Pooches and Polo or Wine and Polo. Yesterday was just a normal game which we thoroughly enjoyed. I had never been to a match before so did some quick research on wikipedia to get a better understanding of the game and rules. At this particular park, people either watch from a public tent, rent individual tents/canopies or tailgate. We went the tailgate route, packed some snacks and camp chairs and sat back and relaxed in the hot sun. We even went out on the field to help replace the divets during halftime. Check out the pictures.

Here are the hot puppies sharing some water.

What did you do this weekend?