Monday, July 20, 2009

Senior Service

Justin and I have been leading a group from church in a local community service project for the last several weeks. Each Saturday morning we head over to a nearby nursing home to volunteer. We spend about 2 hours each week doing a variety of activities. Anything from walking them around, pushing wheelchairs, reading, visiting, playing games, doing puzzles and the ever so popular Bingo. I didn't grow up near any of my grandparents so was never able to spend much time with any of them. This volunteering opportunity has given me a chance to spend some time with our community's elders; hearing their stories, their life experiences, and just giving them some time. Too often our society overlooks this demographic which is really unfortunate. Many of these elderly people have a lot to offer and are so thankful when you give them just a little of your time. If you haven't visited your local nursing home, might I encourage you to do so. I think we each have a lot to offer this population, but will likely be surprised as to what they have to offer you.

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