Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Dinner Cruise

After not using an Entertainment Book to its max benefit in 2008, Justin and I made a decision to try some new things and get some culture using the 2009 book. Earlier in the year we sat down, tore out all the things we'd consider doing, and got to planning. We went to a few symphonies, a few museums, and scheduled a few Argosy cruises. Our dinner cruise was finally upon us. We headed into Seattle on a beautiful Saturday evening and really enjoyed our "3 hour tour." The food was ok, the live entertainment was entertaining (pretty swanky band), but the views were amazing. We got some good pictures and just had a generally good time on our date. Here are some photo highlights. As a side note, I would recommend this type of activity for any out of towners. A fun activity and beautiful Seattle scenery.

Here is our tasty three-tiered appetizer.

Sunset on Elliot Bay


  1. Before moving, we got an Entertainment Book for the Lehigh Valley. It was a good idea, and has already more than paid for itself. Great way to get to know a new area!

  2. That looks like a nice time ... if I ever make it to Seattle!

    BTW: You guys need to take your friends with you to place. All of your pictures include the extended camera arm!