Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Improvement

The following is one of those stories where the events individually would have been fine, but put them all together and it was pretty annoying.

We needed to replace the door to our spare room due to a large crack in it. We actually took the whole door to Home Depot in order to match it up exactly, since the other doors in the condo were all the same. The employee immediately told us they wouldn't be able to match it because they no longer made that style of door. Perfect. Now we have to buy 3 doors. But since we hadn't planned on that, we hadn't taken the necessary measurements. So we drove back home and took the measurements. Justin needed to head out to school that evening and since we weren't sure how long it would all take, he stayed home while I went to get the doors.

I also needed to get some paint for the doors so that was also on my list of things to do/get there. Luckily I had already matched up the paint color for a previous home project (don't ask but it involved a big hole in our shower ceiling due to a leaky shower in the unit above us). I dropped off the paint color and request first so they could mix it while I got the doors. The paint mixer man gave me about a 15 minute estimate for completion of the mixing. I proceeded to the doors section, had an employee load up 3 doors, and then headed to the van/truck rental place. See, we have 2 sedans, not big enough to haul around 3 doors, so I needed to rent a vehicle for an hour. The renter guy said I could go get the rest of my supplies, purchase everything and then fill out the paperwork for the rental.

I went back to the paint section only to see they hadn't even started the requisition. There was one guy back there, and he was new. And getting a little behind. He called for back up which arrived pretty quickly. There was still 1-2 jobs ahead of ours, but they were taking forever. And then apparently one of the lids wasn't on securely and he put the can in the mixer machine. Guess what happened! Paint everywhere. It was pretty ridiculous. And messy. They finally got to our order only to find out they didn't have a gallon of the type of paint I needed. So he asks me if its ok if they give me 4 quarts for the gallon price. Great. Now I am going to have to carry around 4 little cans of the same paint. But fine. So they finally get it all together and I headed back to our doors. I ask about the van/truck and guess what. There weren't any available for rental. The last one had just left. So now I have paint, doors, and no way to get them home. I am put on a waiting list for a rental, purchase the materials and then leave everything at the exit. They estimate a rental vehicle will be available in 30-60 minutes. Super.

So I head over to Fred Meyer and waste nearly an hour waiting for the stupid truck. I actually meant to take a picture of the truck, but forgot due to my frustrations. It is about time that a truck should be back so I head outside and one is pulling up. I get it, they load it up, I rush home since Justin is waiting there to help unload everything, we unload, he leaves for class and then my little helper joins me for the ride back.

Now we get to paint them. And have them installed. Good times.


  1. Man, that's annoying! I have the same issue with Home Depot--though it's usually no fault of their own I wind up running back and forth from my house to the store because I've forgotten some sort of information or tool at one place that is only present at the other. And we've had trouble with the paint counter folks too. It must be harder than it looks to run one of those things. :-)

  2. How frustrating! At least Scout provided assistance for the ride back.