Saturday, October 17, 2009

Its wet out there!

Days off usually go better if the dog has been thoroughly exercised so we headed off to the dog park first thing this morning, with me in full body gortex. And it was raining. A lot. Like really a lot. And I think water, whether rain or swimming water, makes this dog crazy. It re-energizes him or something and he goes crazy. Pretty funny to watch.

Dog park 002

This is him telling me to throw the ball.

Dog park 005

Got it!

Dog park 008

The agility!

Dog park 012

Playing in the tall grasses, 2nd only to tennis balls. Wait, 3rd only to tennis balls and swimming.  Who am I kidding, food is first.

Dog park 017

Attempting to shake off after a swim but not very successful when its POURING!

Dog park 021

On the way home.

Dog park 025

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

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