Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wallace Falls

This morning we headed out for a day hike at Blanca Lake but as we continued on our drive, the weather was getting worse. We figured we wouldn’t have much visibility for the beautiful views so decided to do one we’d already done and that was even a little closer. Interestingly enough, it happened to be the first hike Justin and I ever did together, sort of, as a group activity with The Bridge, the young professionals ministry where we met. As usual, Scout was pretty excited to be out prancing around. Without paying much attention when we first started, we accidentally took the Railroad Trail for the first ~2 miles, which was pretty flat and easy going. Once it merged with the woodland trail, we had a easy-moderate climb to the Lower, Middle and Upper Wallace Falls. It rained a little off and on, nothing too bad. We enjoyed a packed lunch at the top and then headed back out. Here is the photo roundup.

Wallace Falls 014

Wallace Falls 020

Wallace Falls 009

Wallace Falls 028

Wallace Falls 034

Wallace Falls 030

Wallace Falls 035

Wallace Falls 041

Wallace Falls 004

And all tuckered out on the way home!

Wallace Falls 056

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