Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Light Shows

This Christmas season we had the chance to go check out two local light shows. The first was displayed by a couple from our Sunday School Class (nice job Byers!). I believe this is the 3rd year he has done the display, each year fine tuning it even more. It featured 20,000 lights connected by 2,200 feet of extension cord and 94 independent channels to make each light turn on or off. We tuned in our car radio to a local station and the light show was coordinated with 4 Christmas songs and an excerpt from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Pretty spectacular show. Here is a picture with most of the lights on.

A few weeks later we checked out Woodinville Wonderland with a couple of friends. This display was in a more rural setting with more land and had two 30-minute radio shows to coordinate the lights. Apparently you can buy software to create your light show. Pretty impressive!

Check them out next year!

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