Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Move

Here's another entry that's a bit overdue. We have been here in Philadelphia for about 5 weeks now and I am just getting to this entry.

Justin and I decided to move to Philadelphia, PA so he could persue his schooling in seminary. It was hard to leave our friends, family and life in Seattle, but we were excited to take on this new adventure together. We left Kirkland on Saturday, May 1st. We filled our rental truck to the brim (holy smokes, why do we have so much stuff!!) with one car on a trailer behind it. The 2nd car was for Scout and the stuff we actually needed for the week. We were fortunate enough to have my father-in-law, Michael, come and help on the trip. It was a huge blessing to have him along and help with the driving, as well as many other things.

Here we are with our friends Matt and Lauren just as we are about to head out.

The next picture is the view we had for much of the time. The truck was the lead since it wouldn't go as fast as the Camry. Michael and I shared the truck driving and Justin was the constant parent with the pup. We were actually quite worried about how Scout would do being in the car for so long. He gets really excited and anxious when he is in the car because it usually means we are going somewhere fun for him (dog park, hike, backpack trip, etc). What this translates to is a whiny, pacing, needy dog. A few of my Harborview co-workers (thanks Louise and Michelle)recommended Rescue Remedy. This is a natural remedy to reduce stress and anxiety in pets and it worked really well. He was a great traveler.

If you have ever driven a northern route across America, you know I-90 will get you most of the way. We were quite familiar with this road by the end of our trip.

Here's the guy being a good car dog, getting ready to pass out for another nap.

We were super fortunate to follow this rainbow for awhile in Montana. I don't think I have ever seen the whole arc of a rainbow before, and certainly not for as long as we followed this one. Thanks for your everlasting promise and beauty God!

We took some time on Monday to do a little site seeing in South Dakota. Here is a photo of us in front on Mount Rushmore. The signs weren't very clear as to where dogs weren't allowed, so Scout came in and may be the only dog who has ever been as close as he was to the monument. On our way out, a ranger stopped us to inform us he wasn't allowed in there. Oops!

They had about 5 or 6 mountain goats around the entrance. Scout never noticed them (not-so-much a Captain Obvious), but they sure had their eyes on him.

Here is another picture of some of the beautiful scenery we took in. This was still South Dakota, on our way to the infamous Wall Drug Store.

Wall Drug Store is quite the attraction. What started off simply as a drugstore offering free ice water has turned into a "Must See" attraction. It extends a whole block and has just about anything you may need or want. They even have a "backyard" with wooden signs to stick your face through for a funny picture to various wagons and jackalopes to climb around on.

Here is the family on a train caboose. Don't we torture that dog so, just for a picture? Poor guy!

After 5 days of driving, we finally arrive in Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.

The trip took right around 6 days, 2800 miles, and lots of stops for gas, food and "run the dog" time. Luckily we had a relatively uneventful drive and were so fortunate not to have any breakdowns, flat tires or other car problems. One day the temperature gauge on the truck went a little haywire and had us worried, but it was just a fluke. I say luckily because we have been anything but lucky since we've gotten here. But that's for another entry. Don't worry, we're fine, but it has not been an easy or stress free transition. We miss you Washington and are counting the years until we come back!!

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