Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Dog

Scout is a Snow Dog. He has been snow-shoeing a few times, but since we didn't get a lot of snow in Seattle, he hasn't had a ton of time to play in it. That was until we moved to the East Coast. We spent Christmas weekend in Ohio at my parents and he could hardly contain himself. They had several inches for him to play in and we could barely keep him inside. We'd play with him for awhile, bring him in the front door and he'd immediately race towards the back door to try and get back outside. He tried to incorporate fetch and snow playing, but this often led to a ball getting lost in deep snow and him trying to dig it out, which actually drove it even deeper. Here are a few pictures, not the greatest quality, but to give you an idea. Justin has taken some pictures with his camera over the last few days now that we are back in Philadelphia and had a bad winter storm, you know, in our low impact snow zone. I'll try and get those up too. Hope you are staying safe and warm this winter season. And Happy New Year!

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