Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today our church teamed up with The City of Philadelphia for a citywide spring clean up. Philadelphia has a reputation for being gritty and full of litter, so this was the 4th Annual Philly Spring Clean Up. Bethel Church organized several projects for volunteers and community members to work alongside each other to try and make a small difference. Justin and I signed up to help clean up Poquessing Park. There was a group of about 40 of us, including 10 "weekend inmates." The weather was very cooperative and we found a lot of garbage. I'd say the majority of the trash we picked up was beer bottles and cans, but I thought I'd share a list of the Top 5 Most Interesting things we found.

  1. A beer ball

  2. A man's shoe with moss growing on it

  3. A carburetor

  4. A pile of ?opossum bones

  5. A gas mask

And as I was writing this, I found what appears to be a tick on my neck. Awesome. Luckily it hadn't embedded yet and now its dead.

I encourage you to find out if your city or neighborhoods are doing any Spring Clean Ups and then get out there and help!

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