Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ellie Bean

Justin and I had been talking about getting a second dog for awhile. We love Scout but thought he'd enjoy having another dog to play with. We were wrong about that. He is very tolerant of her, and they do play together, but I think he's more of a lone wolf. But she's part of the family now and I can't really remember life without her. We picked her up right after Christmas at Cimarron Farms. She was just shy of 8 weeks when we got her. Look at that little puppy buddha belly. She slept on me most of the way home and it was so sweet. But then she woke up and started whining and I have to admit, I started to cry a little. I felt bad for her because we took her away from her mom and litter mates and she didn't understand what was happening. Silly in hindsight, and I know she is happy here, but it was sad. We have a ton of pictures of her and Scout, it was tough to pick just a handful. 

Baby Bean with a mini tug rope

Big brother giving her a hug

Laundry pup
She looks like a fat little sausage piglet!

Playing in her first snow

Sweet puppy face

Ellie not looking very pleased about the long time she had to play outside, its cold for a baby!

Here she is attacking Scout

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