Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lake Serene

This past summer we hiked Lake Serene off Highway 2. This was a gorgeous hike. A little rockier than we were expecting, which was a bit rough on the dogs' feet by the time we were done. But the view at the end was well worth it. And there isn't much the dogs enjoy more than a chance to take a dip. The hike was about 7 miles round trip and 2000' elevation gain. The only other hike Ellie has done was Wallace Falls, but she fared pretty well.

At the waterfall

Getting their feet wet

First glimpse of Lake Serene
So peaceful
Swimming at Lake Serene
After the hike we went to the cabin for the night. You'd think Scout and Ellie would've been tired after the hike. But they had some reserve for swimming. 

Drying off after another swim at the cabin

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