Sunday, August 16, 2009

Community Serve

Yesterday we had the opportunity to join forces with over 1000 people eager to serve our community. 7 churches came together to cover a wide range of community service projects. Our mission was to show God’s love through serving others, without asking for anything in return. What a great witness to work hard and show compassion to others.  As far as we can tell, this was the first time these churches joined together for this day of serving, but will certainly not be the last. Projects ranged from, but were not limited to,  cleaning out and setting up classrooms, doing home repairs, renovations, yard work and maintenance in homes of low income and/or disabled people and families, packaging school supplies for low income kids, cleaning up parks, litter pick up and over 30 medical and dental services. Justin and I were assigned to a group that would be “removing invasive species.” What that means is cleaning out blackberry bushes!!! Many times throughout the work I heard, and said myself, “We should have rented goats!” Clothed in long sleeves and somewhat helpful gloves, armed with rakes and loppers, we attacked the invasive species along the Sammamish River Trail at Blythe Park. What initially appeared as a rather daunting task turned out to be rather rewarding. We pulled out some serious blackberry bushes that were thick and intertwined into everything. Cyclists, runners and walkers expressed their thanks as they whizzed by and seemed rather appreciative of our work to help maintain their park. All in all some hard work, but a good day.  And now the photo wrap up.

Community Serve1 011

Community Serve1 012

Community Serve1 013

Although these pictures don’t show much detail and its hard to get a perspective, here are a few BEFORE shots on one section we worked on,

Community Serve1 015 

Community Serve1 017

and AFTER!

Community Serve1 019

Community Serve1 020

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