Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Little Swimmer that Could

Yesterday we had the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon with some friends at Lake Sawyer. What a welcome blessing to finally cool down. For those of you not from the Seattle area, we had record breaking temperatures (triple digits!!!) this week. And NO air conditioning. Anyway, Scout was in puppy heaven. You can't keep this guy away from the water. He LOVES it! And what a great way for him to wear himself out, I mean exercise. The poor guy was getting so tired, but couldn't stop playing and fetching his tennis ball. He learned how to jump off a dock, not too gracefully, but he did it. When he had just about swallowed enough water to equal his weight, we figured how to get him up on floaty and let him just float around. It was all pretty entertaining and a nice, relaxing family afternoon. Thanks friends!

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