Monday, August 10, 2009

Spider Meadows

Justin and I have been trying to do this trip for awhile, but couldn't quite get the timing right. It was either still too snowy, or hunting season. But finally, we picked the right weekend. Great temperatures and no rain. We headed out Friday evening and camped just a few miles past the trailhead. Scout was pretty pumped and didn't sleep well, which in turn prohibited us from sleeping well. I take that back, I could sleep through a tsunami, Justin on the other hand, not so much. So we were up at about 5:45, ate a leisurely breakfast, filtered some tasty glacier water and were on the Spider Meadows trail by 8:15. We made it to the meadow in a few hours and enjoyed some gorgeous landscapes. Scout had a blast tramping through the creek and woods.

The meadow was beautiful. Lots of wildflowers blooming and snow capped mountains all around.

The only draw back was the bugs. Huge flies were everywhere and would not leave us alone. Poor Scout had them all around his eyes and face; he looked so pitiful. We walked on, spent some time by a waterfall and pool, and took in some of God's amazing creation. This is definitely a hike/backpack trip we'd recommend, but bring your insect repellant. Here are a few more pictures.

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